In a chat rooms many use acronyms instead of certain words or phrases.  Upper case or lower case letters.
{{name}} Hugs
<BEG>    Big evil grin
<BG>      Big grin
<EG>      Evil grin
<G>        Grin
<VEG>    Very evil grin
<WEG>   Wicked evil grin
A/S/L       Age/Sex/Location
AFK         Away from keyboard
B             Back
B/F          Boyfriend
BBL         Be back later
BRB         Be right back
BTW        By the way
CU           See you
CYa         See ya
FCOL       For crying out loud
FWIW      For what it's worth
G/F          Girlfriend
GMTA      Great minds think alike
GTP         Got to pee
hehehe     Giggle
IM             Instant messenger
IMHO        In my humble opinion
L8R          Later
LMAO       Laughing my ass off
LOL          Laugh out loud
Newbie      New to chat room
OIC           Oh, I see
OMG         Oh my God  or goodness
OO            Over and out
PLS           Please
PPL           People
ROFL         Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
TGIF          Thank God it's Friday
TMI            Too much information
TTFN         Ta ta for now
TTYL         Talk to you later
TY             Thank you
TYVM        Thank you very much
WB            Welcome back
WTG          Way to go!
YVW          You're very welcome
YW            You're welcome

Chat Room Acronyms
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